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Aeris and BSNL to offer packaged IoT solutions and services in rural India that enables increased connectivity


Aeris and BSNL are together going to offer packaged IoT solutions and services to enterprises, small-and-medium businesses and public sector undertakings, among other segments in India, according to news reports. Through its network, BSNL will enable IoT projects through solutions designed to meet various end uses, such as improving supply chain efficiency, enhancing customer experience, tracking and monitoring assets, improving logistics and empowering smart cities.

As of now, Aeris has offered 18 Made-in-India products. Additionally, it has an IoT platform and an analytics solution. Aeris’ IoT platform will be made available to third-party IoT solution developers so that they can develop solutions on their own. Some of the solutions the company has already developed also include fleet management, cell tower monitoring, intelligent building management, smart city solutions, connectivity management platform, IoT analytics and smart metering, among others.

IoT solutions have to potential to not only increase the connectivity in rural areas but also to provide technology-enabled transport system which has not been possible earlier. With IoT and smartphone enabled connectivity, more and more population would be able to avail advanced monitoring and navigation systems in their vehicles. Also, it will allow public transport systems to use IoT while providing navigational facilities for passengers in rural areas which are presently limited for urban bus passengers. Efficient transportation is an important issue to be considered in public transport system and IoT solutions can enable real-time monitoring and tracking of vehicles even in rural areas while making the roads safer for drivers and for the passengers as well. With rapid proliferation of smartphones and internet connectivity in rural India, IoT is going to serve as a game-changer to bring the in-vehicle infotainment and telematics systems for vehicles across the country.

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