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Can technologies like block chain provide data security for connected cars

The answer to the question  of having virtually  foolproof data security for connected cars is difficult to find but experts at WISeKey seem to claim exactly the same.

wisekey-t'wireApparently, WISeKey’s Global Root and Public Key Infrastructures forming into  a Blockchain is at the core of this claim.  Blockchain technology is presently  being seen as pretty secure. WISeKey’s hardware interface  supposedly combines microcontrollers with  crypto-accelerators, while  software interface connects to the web and various communicating electronic devices like mobiles,  radio frequency systems  and LPWA( Low Power Wide Area) networks and a host of devices and applications in IoT ecosystem. AI Integration,  self learning algorithms combined with predictability mathematics algorithms to learn “digital behaviors and patterns”  can be viewed as  simulation of  the ways the human immune system identifies the level of threat and defends itself protecting the vital organs on the body. That is the way WISeKey explains its solution against cyber threat to a layman. It will be interesting to see if the technology claimed is accepted and adopted in solving real world problems of cyber security and regulatory concerns.

BI Intelligence expects 94 million connected cars to be sold in 2021, and for 82% of all cars sold during that year to be connected. Virtually all new cars on the market today include electronic technologies that could pose vulnerabilities to hacking or privacy intrusions if data security is not addressed. As the number of cars connected to the Internet is growing quickly (to over a quarter of a billion by year 2020, as estimated by Gartner), smart car manufactures are working to identify and reduce potential hacking vulnerabilities in their vehicles.

A leading European automobile manufacturer is supposed to have  installed WISeKey IoT and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in the manufacturer’s connected car solutions allowing them to authenticate legitimate car components and enabling owners to securely interact with the car’s smart features.

As per WISe key this technology is already being used by several  customers mentioning Indian Potash Limited (IPL)  where in  using WISeKey platform  the technology traces the movement of a fertilizer bag from the factory /port until the doorstep of the farmer, thus sub serving the larger cause of Direct Benefit Transfers (DBT) reform in India. Bajaj Electricals Limited  is using WISeKey’s technology based on blockChain to create 100 million IoT Digital Identities of SKUs and enable a digitally certified eco-system for connected objects, in the cloud.

WISeID claims using BlockChain as a public, immutable ledger allows third parties to validate that the original Identity or Attribute certifications provided by a Third Trusted Party has not been changed or misrepresented. .


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