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Cyber-security in automotive navigation devices driving the future of connected cars


According to media reports, global automotive software solutions provider NNG has now worked towards cyber-security in automotive navigation devices and believes that with the connectivity in cars taking off in a big way, the threat of hacking in to the systems of the car can be dangerous and that can even happen through a smartphone connection. NNG saw the need for a solution that helps with the safety and security of the car infotainment and navigation features. The company has also acquired, Arilou, its cybersecurity offering which has now been introduced in India.

Data privacy or data breach has been one of the growing concerns of the automotive industry. Connected cars are expected to send 25 gigabytes of data to the cloud every hour. With the concept of connected cars started gaining traction in India, technology for connected car privacy and security becomes imperative. The concept of car “hacking” is quite known and earlier the solution that industry was relying upon was linked to hardware. However, at present effective software solutions are required to deal with malicious cyberattack. Connected cars collect telematics and driver behavior data, and that can be analyzed in real-time to keep the vehicle’s performance, efficiency, and safety in check. The data will be used to enhance the user experience and enable safe driving on roads.

With smartphone and app integration, ADAS, and navigation tools, drivers can get real-time information through IoT and data analytics. Also, with high speed internet connectivity, automotive companies would be able to provide better customer services like releasing software updates in real time. Such companies can further use the data to enhance the performance of the vehicle by analysing the stored historical data and help improve the driver behaviour. Data is thus going to be the king and so its safety becomes the first and the foremost responsibility for the automotive industry. It is necessary to track the communication from start to the extreme end identify the origin of the cyber-attack in real-time. The car’s system should be robust enough to identify the potential threats from unauthorized commands that the car is receiving so that it can be filtered and not perceived as a message coming from an authorized Electronic Control Unit (ECU). In such a scenario, end-to-end communication tracking solution is required to stop the menace of malicious attacks to drive the future of connected cars in India.

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