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Magnasoft launches GPS tracking app for school children in Mumbai

Magnasoft has recently launched an app in Mumbai to protect children while they commute to and from school. The security app, known as Northstar, is a two-way comprehensive child safety web application designed for both parents and school authorities, empowering the former to monitor their children in real time, and the later to efficiently manage their transport related information, and monitor their ever-changing fleet.

The app helps schools to monitor the children in real time while they commute to and from school, which will help the school’s authorities to take immediate action in case of any mishap. Northstar is a platform, which integrates GPS and non-GPS tracking, video surveillance, and RFID technologies to facilitate equipped transport management system for school bus and child monitoring, school bus video surveillance and student attendance management.

The app provides a web application and dashboard for schools to manage all of their transport information in a reliable manner. Moreover, Magnasoft runs a dedicated Command Center that ensures constant monitoring of bus fleet in case of exigencies.

According to the Co-Founder and CEO Bobbie H Kalra, Northstar has already become the platform of choice for over 200 schools and 4,00,000 parents across India.

“We are proud to present the new Northstar, the third generation of the product since launch. It helps schools in managing their transport functions, reducing their overheads and keeping a watchful eye on their children. With the Northstar Parent App, parents can track their child’s journey in real time,” said Kalra.

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