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Mercedes-Benz launches ‘My Mercedes-My Service’ program in India

With a view to expand its foothold in the Indian market, Mercedes Benz has introduced My Mercedes My Service programme for its customers, which comprises initiatives like Digital Service Drive, Premier Express Service and innovative Service Products.

Through digitization and service process, the company aims to enhance its after sales market. This technology helps to ensure transparent interactions between the customer and workshop and India is the only country to get it after USA. A few of the features that have been included are- service updates through video call, online service booking with real time availability of time slots at any dealership across network.


Roland Folger, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, said:

Though product introductions will remain important, we increasingly believe that service excellence and hassle free ownership experience will determine the long-term success of an automotive brand, even in the luxury car segment in India. At Mercedes-Benz, we strongly believe that a delightful, exclusive and outstanding service experience is pivotal in winning customers’ loyalty. We are ready to comprehensively transform the after-sales experience for our customer with the launch of ‘My Mercedes-My Service’ programme. It boasts of multiple first initiatives and is a definitive step towards meeting the myriad demands of today’s new age customers which makes them fans of the brand. 

The Digital Service Drive is a unique initiative offering higher transparency, enhanced convenience and time saving measures to customers of the brand. The key objective of launching this platform is to enhance the ownership experience of the customer resulting in brand loyalty. This initiative also aims to strengthen overall operational efficiency and reduce turnaround time for the customer.

The new compact package comes without mileage restriction. Along with that, there will be a package coverage up to 5 years for existing customers and up to 10 years or 200,000 kms for new customers.

Source: Mercedes Benz

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