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Moving beyond vehicle tracking systems: Genex Logistics


Mansingh Jaswal
Director & Chief Executive Officer
Genex Logistics

Mansingh Jaswal

How did you come up with the vision of starting GenEx Logistics in 2010?

Genex Logistics was formed with a vision to help Next Generations Supply Chain challenges. As the businesses are changing at a fast pace, the challenges associated with them are also mounting. We at Genex Logistics, look at creating Supply Chain solutions focussed at enhancing visibility of inventories and their speed to market.

What are the technologies and ventures that GenEx Logistics is currently working upon?

Our company has been a technology focussed Logistics venture. Whether it is GPS enabled vehicles or usage of mobility in managing inventory inside the warehouses, we give utmost importance to technology. We, continuously, add new dimensions to the overall scheme of things. Current our focus is ‘enhancing visibility on the move’. Through the usage of technology, we are looking at providing real time location details to clients.

How many fleets does your company own?

Larger proportion of our fleet is long term leased. However, we plan to procure about 50 own vehicles this fiscal.

What is the number or percentage of vehicles, which are currently equipped with vehicle tracking system?

Till sometime back all of them were not equipped with tracking systems. But now we are in the process of equipping them with the latest GPS systems and linking them to a company-wide integrated system.

What have been the benefits of using tracking systems for your company? Do your customers benefit or ask for real time location update of their goods transported?

We plan to take GPS usage to shipment level. We would like to proactively offer a real-time location update to our clients about their shipments. And we are in the process of short listing few technology vendors for the same.

Do you plan on going beyond vehicle tracking? Would you also be interested in using technologies such as driver behaviour, in-cab coaching, fuel management, etc.?

Vehicle tracking is the starting point. We are planning to move much ahead of this. We are focussing on three aspects of GPS applications; the 1st and basic aspect is the vehicle management which includes speed, road safety, fuel consumption, driver behaviour etc; the 2nd one is the real-time shipment tracking through the usage of Geo-fencing etc, and the 3rd aspect is the demand / supply planning where we look at capturing the shipment data at initial level (pre-pick up level) thereby linking it to the vehicle availability and its capacity utilisation to the maximum.

Do you think that technologies such as vehicle tracking & fleet management can assist in improving operational efficiency of supply chain?

Of course yes! However, most of the traditional operators still have a linear view of the GPS. They look at visibility of the vehicle as an outcome of vehicle tracking systems. They still consider vehicle as a unit for tracking. However, applying analytics to the vehicle tracking data can go a long way in addressing supply chain issues.

Could you share your plans of expanding GenEx Logistics to different cities in India?

We are already present in more than 26 geographical locations across India. And in the current financial year our physical footprint is likely to spread to about 60+ locations. Our focus is to enhance the speed of businesses and creating more visibility to inventory whether in the warehouses or in transit.

Would you like to share some thoughts with the telematics service provider?

Technology is disrupting the way supply chain used to be managed earlier. Businesses are changing at a fast pace. But for many, future seems too distant and abstract to provoke a sense of motivating urgency to change.  That’s a trap! Right Technology can provide the necessary leap into the future.

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