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Product Review – AutoWiz

AutoWizAutoWiz telematics solution from SenSight Technologies can be used for personal and commercial car owners and businesses. The product combines various elements of IoT and analytics technology to offer a seamless connected car solution. Along with providing near real-time location tracking, the solution also provides insights on driving behavior and remote diagnostics of the car.


AutoWiz is fairly easy-to-use, wherein the user can just plug the device into the OBDII port of their car and connect it with the smartphone app. Car owners can now simplify tracking of their vehicles and also improve driver behaviour with the help of this tracking device. The app then works by collecting the data-feed in the cloud and projects it on the driver’s screen.


ChartsLive Tracking & Notifications: After installing the AutoWiz app on phone, it delivers real-time tracking with notifications, which helps in identifying the actual location of the vehicle.

Health CheckHealth Check: In order to improve car’s performance and reduce unexpected breakdowns, AutoWiz keeps you updated with the features such as engine diagnostics, battery conditions, coolant temperature and emission control.

Anti-Theft Alarm: The device not only tracks the car but also provides you with a feature to prevent it from any theft. It works by setting an alarm on the app within a specific time frame, which notifies the car owner in case of a burglary or any other mishap.

Driving Alerts: Through trip statistics and weekly charts by AutoWiz, one can improve their driving habits by reviewing the performance on a regular basis. Charts

User Experience

After installing this device in a Ford Figo, the statistics and performance of the device were observed for a few weeks. AutoWiz was easy to install in the vehicle and after downloading the app its features were also accessible and interesting. However, while tracking the vehicle, the refresh rate was only near real-time, as the app auto-refresh feature updates the vehicle position once in a few seconds. Perhaps done so as to reduce the data charges.

For more information about the product please visit- http://autowiz.in/


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