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Smart maps to precede smart cars

Published: 01 November 2016

The ‘autonomous cars’ has now become a part of common parlance in Silicon Valley. Every now and then we hear about some company making announcements about its plan to go for driverless cars.


Civil Maps
Civil Maps

But for driverless cars to succeed it requires two basic things—Connectivity, which is dependable and uninterrupted. And maps for the cars for it to read and know the ways and decide upon the speed and other parameters according to it.

In India, connectivity issue is not very difficult to deal with and as far as cell phone based connectivity is there, India has no issues. In Maps section some Indian companies are working in this direction. A Company MapmyIndia has engaged itself in augmenting static maps already in cars by collecting data from GPS units across the country and adding this data with more data like potholes, sharp turns.

Rohan Verma, Executive Director & CTO of MapMyIndia says “They enable safety without promising autonomy by telling a car about a hazard or a lane change much before the car reaches there. The power of connectivity can be brought in to update these maps real-time,”

Maps are indispensable for the self-driving cars and hence many companies are investing handsomely to develop high-definition maps. Uber has roped in Brian McClendon, who was one of the top Google Maps guys, to join its Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh.

McClendon says . “The long-term goal is high-resolution maps which was updated as frequently as every three minutes so that the car behind know there is an issue here. That is the future.”

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