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Thief trapped remotely by BMW team

A thief stole a BMW 550i parked in a garage with the keys inside but he was trapped by the BMW corporate team using the technology to trace the car and remote control system to lock the car down.bmw550i-telematicsWire

The BMW corporate team was roped in by the Police when the owners of the vehicle complained of the theft. Actually the thief was caught napping which made the task of the officials easier to lock the car down.

These security features have definitely are one of the key points which is considered by the buyers before buying a car and such events of successful implementation of this technology boosts the confidence on such technologies.

BMW has plans to invest heavily into technology as it prepares to test autonomous vehicles in Germany next year. The Indian telecom firm, Reliance Jio is also working on a device which will enable the owner of the car to take control of the vehicle remotely.

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