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Vehicle tracking is extremely important and beneficial: Sequel Logistics

Rajkumar S
Founder Director & CEO
Sequel Logistics Private Limited

Rajkumar S

How does Sequel logistics use cutting-edge technologies in fleet telematics to monitor vehicles?

Sequel uses GPS / GPRS based tracking devices to monitor the fleet on a real-time basis.

How many fleets does your company own?

Sequel operates with 150 dedicated vehicles in India. Sequel also owns and operates a small fleet of armoured vehicles in US and Europe.

What is the number or percentage of vehicles, which are currently equipped with vehicle tracking system?


Considering that high value assets are difficult to handle, how do you keep track of the vehicles carrying goods such as gold jewellery and cars?

There are a variety of measures that Sequel undertakes, to ensure security and safety.

What has been the benefits of using tracking systems for your company? Do your customers benefit or ask for real time location update of their goods transported?

Real-time tracking is extremely important and beneficial to our company, as it is imperative to know where the high value consignments are, at any point of time. The customers certainly benefit from this, as we are able to provide an accurate estimation of delivery time, which further helps them plan in a better manner.

How do you plan on going beyond vehicle tracking? Are you interested in using technologies such as driver behaviour, in-cab coaching, fuel management, etc.?

Yes, we are interested, and we intend to use such technologies in future.

Do you think that technologies such as vehicle tracking & fleet management can assist in improving operational efficiency of supply chain?

Most certainly. It will improve both the operational efficiency and customer services.

What are your plans on expanding globally?

We have already set up our 100% subsidiary in US and Belgium last year, specifically for the high value and lifecare segments. Our objective is to establish and consolidate our operations in these geographies, in the coming few years.

Finally, would you like to share some thoughts with the telematics service provider?

We would certainly to understand and adopt the technologies offered by telematics, in the areas of fleet management and tracking solutions.

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