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Yellow and blue-white cabs join ranks with app based services

Following the trends set by Ola, Uber  there has been a growing fleet of App-based Taxi Service providers in Kolkata. Popularity and preference for App-based taxis have also been on the rise for obvious reasons. However, public Taxi operators, popularly known as yellow and blue-white taxis remained  somewhat outcast from the league of app-based cab services.

Yatrik, the first app based taxi discovery solution for the yellow and blue-white taxis of Kolkata, is an initiative of Transport Department, Government of West Bengal, in association with The Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCC&I) and  is likely to benefit  an estimated 30,000 so called public taxis  through its customer sourcing platform.

M/s Techl33t Infosystems Private Limited and M/s Distronix are two Kolkata-based technology startups who have designed, developed and implemented the Yatrik platform. The pilot phase of the project is being conducted and  expected to provide customers with an option to remotely locate and hail a yellow or blue/white Taxi through a simple mobile-phone based app interface without affecting the current operating model or meter-based fare calculation of the taxis.

” Our goal is to provide a technology platform that helps yellow and blue/white Taxis with a competitive edge in customer sourcing through real time information management. By availing of the platform, Kolkata can experience improved Driver Commuter Interaction, Yellow and blue/white Taxis at doorsteps, safe, reliable, comfortable, sustainable and accessible transport, optimized City Area Coverage, rationalized Taxi Polarization within the City, potential drop in use of Personal Vehicles, reduced Parking issues at Taxi Stands and enablement of Smarter City Transportation, ” Mr C S Ghosh, President,The Bengal Chamber, said in his keynote address at the launch of Yatrik.

The project is being seen as a catalyst for a positive change in the society and a game changer in the transportation scenario of Kolkata wherein commuting  by  yellow and blue/white taxis will become more convenient with increased availability and accessibility through this aggregation platform. This is also going to become a step forward in transforming the passenger mobility in  Kolkata in times to come.

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